Factors to Consider Before Getting Botox

31 Jan

The botox treatment also known as the anti aging regimen is getting more common by the day as people try to get a wrinkle free face.This involves injections administered directly into the face nerves like Juvederm to cause a paralysis on them therefore resulting in a smooth wrinkle free skin on the face.While this is so ,there are a number of factors to consider before getting one which include

Reality vs expectation

While botox will do so much in taking away.your wrinkles,it will only do so much on the outer appearance but not on overlying personal issues that one may be experiencing.

How healthy one is

Administration of the botox procedure has various side effects depending on the persons health.Before a botox procedure,one gets a health assessment test to determine how compatible the candidate is in relation to the drug .People who suffer from risky health issues like nerval disorders or even pregnant women are usually taken off the waiting list as well therefore ensure to keep a healthy lifestyle if you plan to be a potential candidate fo the procedure . There are also considerations that need to be made for procedures like Fat Reduction


Due to the growing number in the demand of the botox treatment, many fake companies are rising up to match the market at hand .Some people will even go to the extent of hosting botox psrtiez.This involves a person doing rounds in administering the botox to the willing party attenders. Be wary of such places as botox is a very serious drug which requires proper administration by a trained proffesional.Wrong doses of botox administration could cause a facial disfigurement which may also lower your self esteem in the process.


The botox drug could have various side effects depending on the person to sn extent of weakening your facial nerves instead of blocking them thus cause a saggy face. Botox administration could also be fatal in some instances as it is poisonous and directly absorbed into the bloodstream.The side effects could be overly painful too.


Botox injections can be quite costly especially when one decides to start with them,ensure to have a budget plan set aside  for ut as the results are usually not permanent therefore are required to be administered every often in a year .The paralysis on the facial nerves starts wearing off eventually. Of your annual income will be a long stretch to set aside a botox budget for,perhaps the best alternative would be to go for the natural enhancing ways to trigger a youthful looking skin.With this also comes.the.issue of the after pain.If you do not play well with pain then botox is not the solution for you.

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